WATCH: Transgender Documentary part of CMS Curriculum

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Ann Clark introduced a documentary that CMS students will watch in class about transgender teens and bullying. Some families are hesitant about whether or not it's appropriate for all grade levels.

The name of the film is called "Souls of Our Students: a Transgender Focus."

Watch the full 11-minute documentary here:

Superintendent Ann Clark introduced the film to a room full of parents, city leaders, activists and community members.

A Providence High School student is baring his soul in the documentary in hopes of helping people understand teens just like him.

"That balance was very hard for me to understand, because I needed to be able to get through to people, but also let them know that it is about building for the future," he said.

The eleven minute documentary was made by Judy Schindler. She approached Clark about wanting to do the project and received her support.

"In order for all of our students to excel, to be amazing successful adults, we need to make sure they feel safe and honored in the classrooms," he said.

Now that it is added to the curriculum, some families are hesitant on whether it will be appropriate for all grade levels.

"It's best if a parent decides when their children are ready for that," CMS grandparent Ed Echeverria said.
But the team who produced the film wants critics to see the bigger picture of how the film could create inclusion in the classrooms.

It took a little more than $20,000 to create the project.