WATCH: Thieves break into Lawndale house while family is home

A pair of burglars was caught on camera breaking into a Lawndale family's home in the middle of the day, while the family was home with a baby.

It happened on June 3. Security footage from the home showed one burglar loudly climbing into the home through a kitchen window. He soon realized he was on camera, and put the camera down on its side. That's when he went to the front door, unlocked it, and let the second thief in.

"It's really scary," said a family member, who asked to remain anonymous. "Just them being in your home, just like ‘what?’ It's just really eye-opening."

The family and the baby were home through the entire ordeal, in an upstairs bedroom, completely unaware that the burglars were roaming around downstairs. 

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"One said no one was home, so they went in," said the family member. "I guess when they went up to the second level, maybe they heard some movement or something, because they came back down and just left, and it seems like nothing was taken."

The family had no cash or jewelry around, so the thieves eventually gave up, and ran to their getaway driver waiting in a white van in the street. 

Monday's break-in was the latest in what seems to be a string of recent crime in the neighborhood. There have been several car break-ins and now two home burglaries in the past week alone. And even though the home broken into Monday is ringed with security cameras inside and out, it didn't stop these thieves.

"You have to make sure you get all these safety measures, just to make sure your home is safe," the family member said. "And usually your home is supposed to be somewhere you want to come home to and feel safe, where you relax. Butn now you just gotta keep an extra pair of eyes."

While this family was lucky, thieves took cash and jewelry from another home in the area just hours after this break-in.