WATCH: Gator goes through Pasco furniture store

An alligator need a little extra help making its way back to a pond behind a Pasco County furniture store, so deputies were called in to direct it on Wednesday.

The gator was spotted in the parking lot in front of American Freight Furniture in Holiday, employee Peter Soto told FOX 13. Workers called deputies with the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, who were able to catch the gator.

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In order to get the gator to the pond in the back of the store, deputies had to drag it, unwilling, through the store and out the back door. "They either had to drag it around the whole plaza or to make sure the gator didn't get hurt, the manager let them take it thru the store," Soto said.

So the gator went through the furniture section, back toward the "Same Day Delivery" sign, back through "Clearance," and eventually into the back parking lot, to the amusement of employees and deputies.

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Video showing the gator being taken through the furniture store was quite a sight to see.

Deputies were eventually able to release the gator back into its pond. No word on if it'll receive a discount next time as a repeat customer.

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