Want Privacy at a Public San Clemente Beach Restroom/Changing Facility? Take a Towel!

By Hal Eisner

Jana & Leroy Loerwald and their three kids from Las Vegas are in San Clemente visiting. At the precise moment we met them we were preparing a story on the new bathroom/changing rooms by the pier for beachgoers. Jana went to the women's side with her two daughters.

Leroy went to the men's side with his son. All were appalled. It was possible to look into the dressing rooms from the outside. Jana didn't want her daughters changing there, as they were going to do, before going to dinner up in Costa Mesa. Leroy and his son didn't like the idea either.

It just so happened that at the same time we ran into the Loerwalds we had an appointment with the city's Mayor Protem Bob Baker. What followed was an interesting debate between mom and the city official in which he was totally fine the the half-million-dollar renovated public facility and said people can use a towel to cover themselves.

You'll see more in this video report, but the bottom line is the Mayor Pro Tem doesn't want anything about the facility changed and the Loerwalds are not changing in the new facility!

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