VIDEO: Waffle House employee catches chair mid-air, setting social media ablaze

‘Tis the season for fighting?

A two-minute video posted to Twitter earlier this month has social media buzzing after a Waffle House employee in Austin, Texas showed tremendous strength and impressive skills beyond her usual duties.

In the two minutes of chaos, an apparently dissatisfied customer who seemingly acted in the spirit of the Grinch is seen throwing a chair at her. Within seconds, the patron quickly learned she met her match. 

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In the moment captured on video that has millions of views, the employee refused to be defeated. She used her fast reflexes to become the victor instead of the victim and caught the chair in midair.

The viral video shows the flying chair incident occurred after a brawl broke out at the 24-hour Southern restaurant chain. See the full video below.

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised. 

The video has even caught the attention of celebrities including comedian Brad Williams and Lynda Carter, known for her iconic role as Wonder Woman.

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"The US Military has many branches defending our country," comedian Brad Williams tweeted. "Army Navy Marines Air Force Waffle House Employees."

"I trained at Waffle House," Lynda Carter said in a tweet, replying to a video with a video of her as Wonder Woman.

The Waffle House employee has yet to be identified. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.