Viral chainsaw-wielding nun from Irma clean-up hails from SoCal

It's hard to find peace and serenity in our world in 2017, particularly in Los Angeles. Yet hidden in plain sight in Alhambra, is the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles Retreat House, dedicated to spiritual growth among the quiet solitude of their 80-year old facility.

A visit here was inspired by a video you may have seen that went ''viral'' from Hurricane Irma, of a nun named Margaret Ann. She is a member of the Los Angeles based Carmelite order, now serving in Miami, who took a chainsaw to some downed trees outside her school.

"That's Margaret Ann, one of her sisters in Alhambra told me,'' a great mentor, a great guide...hands on. ''

This is an interesting life, up at 4:55 am every day, prayer, mass, service, trying to recruit others into a small Roman Catholic order founded in the 12th Century by Mount Carmel in the area of what is modern day Israel.

I'm told there are only about 130 sisters in the order in the whole country, so they welcome the publicity and attention in the hopes that other young women might see the story and consider joining.