VIDEO: Rescuers free deer stuck in fence

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Talk about a deer in the headlights look - Literally! We now have video from the Arcadia Fire Department of the touching rescue of a young, female deer. It seems the animal was trying to get some yummy looking green grass in a yard on the 1200 block of Oakhaven Avenue, last Friday. She ended up squeezing just a little bit too far between two bars of a metal fence and got inescapably stuck.

By the time the Arcadia Fire Department and the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA officers got there, the animal was exhausted from trying to get out of her predicament, but still very capable of kicking anyone who came near. They did not want to traumatize her any further with sedation, so, as you can see in the video, they carefully wrapped her in sheets, and literally turned her on her side, squeezed on back leg at a time through the opening and manage to get her through the fence.

The officers then proceeded with their kicking bundle of sheets to a nearby hillside, where they put the doe on the ground. You can see the deer quickly untangle herself and bounce out of there! She looked to be just fine, and if you look at the last picture, you can actually see her and her waiting buddy, on the hillside.

Can't tell you the animals were saying "thank you" in deer talk, but I do know the officers involved were really happy it worked all worked out fine.

So WE will say it, thank you - and - nice work! Pass it on.