VIDEO: 19-year-old woman attacked at Beaumont Dearborn

A 19-year-old was assaulted at Beaumont in Dearborn and her attorney alleges the hospital should have known the suspect was bad news.

He says she went to the hospital because of a jaw injury and out of the blue, was hit in the face and knocked to the floor. Now she's always looking over her shoulder.

"She's terrified of going anywhere in public," said Majed Moughni, her attorney. "Because she doesn't know who might try to sneak up on her, who's watching her."

The incident happened on Feb. 12. On video she is seen with her back to the suspect, John Deliz, who creeps up behind her and then strikes her.

"This trauma she'll live with for the rest of her life, she'll never be able to overcome this," said Moughni.

Her attorney filed a lawsuit in Circuit Court alleging Beaumont in Dearborn dropped the ball. The police report says that hospital security called Dearborn police about John Deliz who was walking around harassing patients.

"They should have arrested the guy or at least detained him because the police were on the way," Moughni said. "He was accosting other patients and going up to other patients asking for money and asking for cigarettes."

On video we see the security guard talk with the man who punched the teen. The report said he was there for treatment, but was released and told to sit down or leave. While he waited for a ride, the assault happened.

"Most of us when we go to hospitals, we're at the weakest point of our life," the victim's attorney said. "We are sick, we need help. The last thing we expect is a blow to the head. And a blow to a head from a total stranger. There has to be a lesson learned here. In a civilized society, you can't just punch someone and knock them to the ground. It should not be tolerated."

In a statement Beaumont said they take security seriously and their security personnel responded immediately.

Another issue raised by the complaint is possible ethnic intimidation because the woman was wearing hijab and is a Muslim. Deliz is currently in jail awaiting trial.