Vernon business lands on Oprah's "Favorite Things" List

Oprah's Favorite Things List is out and number nine of her list is Urban Agriculture in Vernon.

Oprah's pick included their grow kits --packed with seeds and soil.

The creator, Chad Corzine says Oprah's Golden Touch is already growing his business.

"We had 3700 unique visits to our website in the first four hours of the today and that's new to us because that's not a focus of our business, and it just hasn't stopped since then," said Corzine.

Just a year ago, Corzine was working for his dad's candle company, and hit a wall.

"I was like 40 pounds overweight, I was so unhealthy, and just tired and sad," said Corzine.

He says he found healthy food to be expensive, so he tried gardening.

Problem was...He didn't have an outdoor garden

"After a month of trying to build a bed and trying to plant seeds, and failing time and time again, I took to the internet to see if there was something I could get that would be a one stop shop. Could I just get something, buy it, plant it, be done with it?" said Corzine.

He knew if he was struggling, so were others.

That's when he started bagging soil and seeds into recycled tea bags....all from a small storage closet.

In just a few months, he went from blooming.

"There's opportunity for people in America today. A great idea can turn into something and you just need the tenacity to make it happen," said Corzine's dad, Greg.

That tenacity pushed the gardening kits into places like Nordstrom, Williams & Sonoma and about 2000 small stores nationwide.

Corzine says with the recent Oprah-endorsement--he expects there to be even more offers.

"I think what she does it so phenomenal for a lot of people, as a young business owner it's humbling in the least, to have someone of that magnitude dig your product and want to help you elevate it to the next level, so all gratitude on that front," said Corzine.

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