Crews respond to Valley Glen neighborhood after FOX 11 story highlighted homeless concerns

Just a day after FOX 11 highlighted the concerns over RV fires and homeless in the Valley Glen neighborhood, LA Sanitation, homeless outreach and LAPD were in the area cleaning up. 

Residents reached out to FOX 11 saying they are terrified and upset to see fires, shootings. and drug deals by their homes. 

On Wednesday, the commanding officer of LAPD's Valley Bureau met us at the site. 

"We are working the problem of narcotic sales here and we make arrests regularly," said Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton. "We work effectively with the city attorney and district attorney, we do file some of these cases, we do recover firearms from some of these individuals that are dealing narcotics."

Those living in RVs are hesitant to move and some say moving to tiny village communities isn't an option. 

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"They want them to give up everything they got and go stay in a little box. And those little box things ain't as good as people think it is."

Most of the RVs end up parking in front of Laurel Grove Park and homes… an area clearly posted as forbidding overnight stays. 

Some residents say the area has become a drug selling business for people living in tiny villages that were built across the freeway. 

" I'm grateful for the LAPD and I'm grateful for their assistance and we feel they are one of the few people on our side, the problem we are running into is the city will just come and clean up but the problem persists," said resident Doug Mountain.