Uber for Yoga helps connect teachers to yogis

A new app called Easypose is being called the UBER for yoga, letting users call yoga teachers on demand. They come to you, whether you're at home or work.

It's perfect for workers like Raychel Espiritu.

"We haven't taken a class in 2 months, just because we've been so busy," says Espiritu.

When Raychel's boss told her about Easypose, she thought, perfect.

It just took minutes for part of Village Workspaces to transform into a studio.

"The convenience of on-demand apps is really changing the way we work. In general especially younger companies, we want a better work life balance," says Espiritu.

It's balance with just a button.

"That's what yoga is supposed to be, stress free," said Ruben Dua, the company's co-founder.

Dua took yoga classes at his former job.

"I kinda said to myself, there should be an app for that," said Dua.

Three months later, he created one.

It now has over a thousand teachers in L.A., New York and San Francisco.

"We have all their schedules updated in our system. We make sure they're certified and really well reviewed," said Dua.

One of the keys in the price. It's less than traditional private yoga classes, which can cost over a hundred dollars. And instructors like Kandis Tagliabue who had worked on her own were more than ready to sign up.

"I don't have to do my own marketing, I'm protected by an app, if something were to go wrong, I have a boss, it's not my own business," says Tagliabue.

After years of helping others reduce their stress through yoga, the new app helped reduce hers.

"I get to teach yoga so it makes me happy," said Kandis Tagliabue.

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