TSA Administrator testifies about problems with agency

TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger testified before congress on Wednesday about the ongoing problems within the agency, including staffing shortages.

Yet the TSA admits it works with the secret service to supply off-duty officers to non-airport events such as concerts and political campaign rallies.

The agency says it supplied nearly 1,800 officers to more than 250 campaign events in the first three months of 2016, and nearly half of those were for Donald Trump.

A TSA spokesman said those officers were off-duty and "the support comes from the TSA at the local airport and does not impact local TSA operations."

Yet during the congressional hearing, Neffenger said "there are reports that there are over 250 events that TSA agents have been supporting, I've been working with the people who are asking for us, to let them know that we're in our own crisis right now. We'd like to have as many of those people back as possible.

The TSA says long lines are expected to get worse with summer travel just around the corner. LAX officials are advising passengers to arrive at least two hours before boarding time,