Trump signs vandalized, stolen

A Lilburn man is upset after finding his Trump campaign signs vandalized and stolen.

"Nobody should mess with other people's signs and what they believe in," Jeff Solomon said.

Jeff Solomon told FOX 5 he came home from his morning motorcycle ride on Friday to find many of his homemade campaign signs covered in spray paint, others stolen.

"They were getting stolen at such a fast rate, I had to make a stencil to keep up with the thieves," Solomon said.

Solomon said this isn't the first time it's happened either.

"We've been hit about five times over the past few months," Solomon said. "We've had a total of about 8 signs stolen and 10 others vandalized."

And that's not all, Solomon told FOX 5 whoever is doing this is also taking it a step further by throwing trash on his property.

"Everybody has the right to campaign," Solomon said. "We wouldn't do this to someone else."