Thousands of demonstrators hold peaceful protest outside Mayor Garcetti's house

Nearly a thousand people staged a peaceful sit-in outside the Getty House in Windsor Square on Tuesday, which is also known as Mayor Eric Garcetti’s residence. 

The crowd grew throughout the night but no looting or vandalism was reported.  

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The Los Angeles Police Department held the crowd on both the south and north side near Irving Street.

The protest started with around 300 people and grew to nearly a thousand. 

“It’s a Black Lives Matter thing. It’s not to get confused; it’s not us versus you, it’s not white versus black. It’s a lot of our people versus bad cops. We understand there’s good cops but there’s a lot of bad cops and it’s not a job that can have bad cops,” one protester told FOX 11. 

Protesters told FOX 11 that many people left the Hollywood protest to walk to the mayor’s house. 

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It was unknown if Mayor Garcetti or anyone else was in the home during the demonstration. Garcetti then held a news conference at 6 p.m. from City Hall. 

The home is not owned by Garcetti. However, it is owned by the city and past LA mayors and their families have lived there. 

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