Protesters make their voices heard outside Mayor Garcetti's home in Windsor Square

It’s not us versus you... It’s not white versus black... It’s a lot of us and our people versus bad cops.” said protester Lawrence Johnson.

He was one of more than a thousand protester in Hollywood who made their way outside the Mayor’s Mansion in Windsor Square to make their voices heard.

After several marches across Los Angeles Including Downtown and Hollywood, Protestors converged on Irving Avenue for a demonstration organized by Black Lives Matter. The protestors were peaceful, appearing to come from all walks of life, including, residents of this upscale neighborhood who say they support the cause.
“Now you have a perfect storm... Because you have millions of people out of work... People are hungry.... People are angry... And then you have the George Floyd incident on top of all the other instances that have happened in the past few weeks and months and years and people are fed up..” said one neighbor.
As the evening wore on, the mayor who was not inside the mansion, gave a live address from city hall while protestors remained a few miles away outside his door.

He was asked his thoughts about the protestors and their impression of him:
“I never worry about people’s impressions I can only share my heart I’ve shared my heart tonight and i want people to know that I hear them,” said Garcetti.

And perhaps one of the most poignant moments of the evening came during that address when SkyFOX captured this shot of LAPD officers taking a knee surrounded by protestors. Afterward, one officer stood up and hugged one of the protestors.
As for what it might take to put an end to these protests, Lawrence Johnson had this to say.

“We know the cop got arrested but what about the other three? Once they are arrested, once they’re charged, then we will maybe stop protesting but until then we obviously need to be heard.” Johnson said.