Thief Steals Money for the Hungry, Breaks into Church

A thief breaks into a church through a Sunday School classroom to steal money set aside for the less fortunate.

The charity Urban Recipe, located inside the Pulse Church house of worship in Grant Park, said the theft happened right before Thanksgiving. A thief scaled a wall into the classroom, to then break the lock into the charity office door and swipe $700.

Urban Recipe helps bring food boxes to hundreds of local families. This year, the families wanted to give back and worked to raise money for the Hunger Walk.

"It just hurt me," said Cheryl Johnson, one woman who has been helped by Urban Recipe for years. "We give faithfully," she said.

Urban Recipe hopes the thief will bring back the money.

"Come on back. We'll work with you and help you in ways we can," said director Chad Hale.

Anyone hoping to help replenish the funds can donate to the cause online: