The woman behind The Hollywood Museum

The Hollywood Museum spotlights the history of entertainment. Each exhibit offers visitors a chance to dive into the story behind their favorite actor, series or movie.

But the museum itself also has a history of its own.

Donelle Dadigan founded the museum back in 2003, and she's a woman with her own cinematic level of twists and turns.

She began her career as a school teacher, helping the children of celebrities. Later, she pivoted into the world of real estate as a realtor. Many of her clients had ties to the entertainment industry, Dadigan said.

Dadigan said she comes from a family of collectors.

"I started with photographs," said Dadigan.

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Somewhere along the way, Dadigan and her mother decided to focus on that interest in collecting and create a museum that was a "love letter to Hollywood."

And as a relator herself, she knew just the building for her latest project: the old Max Factor Cosmetics building.

Dadigan refers to Max Factor as "Hollywood's Makeup King" and aims to preserve his history in the museum.

The museum is located next to Mel's Diner on Highland, just south of Hollywood Blvd.

Each exhibit in the museum showcases thousands of old Hollywood memorabilia from celebrities, production companies and movie studios.

The Hollywood Museum is open to the public. Click here for more information on tickets.