Terror attacks affecting peoples travel plans

Flights continue to take off at LAX despite airlines taking a plunge in the stock market after the terror attacks in Paris.

Delta, United, Southwest and American all took a dip, some falling as much as six percent.

LA mayor Eric Garcetti doesn't seem to think that'll have much of an affect on holiday travel.

"We anticipate a new record will be set this thanksgiving holiday," Garcetti said

A record 2.1 Million passengers are expected to pass through LA over the 11-day Thanksgiving Holiday travel period.

"That's 6.9 percent increase, making it the the most traveled airport in the US for a third year in a row," Garcetti said.

Across the country; however, people have been canceling their travel plans. In South Windsor, Connecticut. a Middle School canceled their class trip to Washington D.C. due to safety concerns.

In Los Angeles, TravelStore's Senior Travel Agent Dan Llves says since the attacks some of his clients have emailed him about canceling their plans; or are looking to cut their vacation short.

"You have to put things in perspective. Of course these are huge tragedies and they have a huge impact on people. Right now things will settle down a little bit, and then it's start coming back and it'll go back to normal," Llves said.

Llves says, for his clients, the "impact" lies around travel in and out of Paris or Europe, but he doesn't think it will last. He says most of his clients feel travel enriches their lives and promotes peace. Still he understands some might have anxiety about travel.

"There's a healing process and it takes time. I'm not suggesting people run out and travel if they're feeling uncomfortable," Llves said.

The official travel season starts Friday.

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