Temporary home set-up for SoCal firefighters at the Ventura County Fairgrounds

Dozens of stations set up for medical attention, food services and sleep stations with showers, sinks and restrooms.

This has been home for nearly 7,000 firefighters battling the massive Thomas Fire in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

Thousands of people thank firefighters for their brave work, but Justin Matsushita tips his helmet to those who help set up and operate this command post at Ventura County Fairgrounds.

They say if you want to donate to anyone -- give to people from Ojai, Fillmore, Carpinteria and other areas that are in danger.

There's also help from inmates. Some battling the fires alongside crews.

Others helping prepare the food for breakfast and take out into the field.

Justin Matsushita of the Sante Fire Department says, every bit of help contributes to firefighters' recovery and ability to keep working until the fire isn't wreaking havoc anymore.