Burglary suspect stuck in chimney calls 911 for rescue

A suspected burglar who got stuck in a church chimney in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday was taken into custody after calling 911 on himself and being rescued by firefighters.

According to officials, crews with the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to the Tapestry LA church located in the 1500 block of S. Hill Street around 6:22 a.m.

Authorities said the suspect was able to make it down to the ground floor before he got stuck near an air duct and had to be rescued. 

He told police he was "looking for Jesus," while he told firefighters he was "looking for his cell phone."

A search and rescue team eventually made a hole in the wall to be able to get the suspect out after he called 911 for help.

The suspect was seen in handcuffs being decontaminated by LA city firefighters before being placed into a police cruiser. 

When asked by FOX 11 why he allegedly broke into the church, the suspect said "something's not right… something's wrong with the church." 

It's possible the suspect may have once attended services at the church.

No other injuries were reported, Capt. Matt Stratton with the LAFD said.

Police told FOX 11 this is the third time he has been caught on the property. The first two incidents were considered trespassing, authorities said.

The suspect will be booked for burglary, according to police.