K9 roughs up suspect after hour-long California police chase

A driver is in handcuffs and likely with multiple K9 officer bite marks – but not before leaving authorities on a 2-county police chase across Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties.

Over the course of an hour-long chase, the suspect drove through parts of Fontana, Pomona, downtown Los Angeles, East Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley neighborhoods, Newhall and Santa Clarita area before stopping the pickup truck in Valencia.

After getting out of the pickup truck that was suspected of being stolen, the suspect appeared he was going to be placed in handcuffs without much drama. That is, until, a K9 officer lunged at the suspected and roughed him up.

It is unknown if the human officer handling the K9 was deliberately letting the dog go after the man or if the entire attack was a result of an accident.

Officials did not say where the car may have been stolen from.