Survivors of Las Vegas massacre reunite for fundraiser in West Hollywood

A trendy West Hollywood eatery owned was filled with survivors of the Vegas shooting, all of them wearing orange ribbons with the number 58 to honor those who died.

At 10:05 pm exactly there was also a moment of silence to mark the moment those fatal shots first rang out.

Two strangers forever linked by the worst mass shooting in US history. Lisa Fine and Brian Claypool survived the Vegas massacre.

"We witnessed the same destruction and war zone... We witnessed the same screams and agony while people were being shot. " said Fine.

That experience bonded the pair and together they formed the non-profit organization Route 91 Strong to help other survivors.

"They can't work, they have anxiety 24/7, they can't sleep at night so what we want to do is raise money to help people who've kind of been lost in the Las Vegas shooting." Claypool said.

Survivors gathered at Pump in West Hollywood to commemorate the one year anniversary of the shooting that claimed the lives of 58 people.

"They are hurting... Every single one of these beautiful people right here doesn't sleep." Fine said.

Pump's owner, reality star Lisa Vanderpump whose brother committed suicide two months ago, understands the pain victims and their families are facing.

"Life has to go on.. . But some of the stories I've heard have been absolutely traumatizing... So I don't think anyone can truly understand unless they were there." said Vanderpump.

And for Brian Claypool and Lisa Fine, that fateful day one year ago is forever seared into their memories.

"We were in one of the kill zones... And it's gets me choked up... The bullets were flying like 6 inches from our heads... And there were people dying all around us. " said Fine.

"We will never forget those 58 beautiful souls that were lost. We will never ever forget them and we are honoring those people tonight." Claypool added.

So far, their charity Route 91 Strong has raised $600,000 dollars to help survivors and their families.