Student with rare skin condition gets 'day in the sun' on homecoming court

The homecoming court for Dana Hills High School includes six seniors, but only one is forced to avoid the sun at all costs.

17-year old Riley McCoy is covered head to toe to avoid the sun. She suffers from Xeroderma Pigmentosa or 'XP'.

The sun will severely burn her skin even just walking from the car to the hair salon.

Once inside the H Studio salon…she is like any teen getting ready to be presented at Dana Hills homecoming game.

She's one of six seniors on the homecoming court. She's having her hair done and her royal blue gown is all set. At halftime, she'll find out if she is crowned queen.

This is being considered a big moment in the sun for the girl who can only go out at night.

Riley's mom is as excited as she is, but she's preparing her daughter for the possibility she won't be queen.

Thanks to an article in the local paper, Riley's gotten a lot of attention which also helps to put a spotlight on her rare condition.

For more information on Xeroderma Pigmentosa or 'XP' - check out this website.