Street art goes indoors

(FOX 11) Graffiti art has gone main stream in Huntington Beach, California. A city-run gallery is hosting a massive exhibition embracing street art.

It's called "On The Wall." Every wall is adorned with the works of artists with street cred and/or mainstream credentials.

The artist names are as creative and diverse as their stunning murals. Thanks One. Black Light King. Skid Robot. They, and their entourage, were given free reign and allowed to spray paint the walls of the gallery. That was a first for the Huntington Beach Art Center.

Artist Mice of Millions says whether you like street art or not "it's a talent." In the gallery's brochure it says "Fearo153 has left his mark on freight trains giving him cross-country notoriety." The Huntington Beach Art Center welcomed these street artists with spray cans in hand.

Kate Hoffman is the executive director of the Huntington Beach Art Center. She notes, the exhibit is drawing in a younger crowd. She says kids are asking their parents to go see it.

Hoffman calls it "fine art." Her goal is to embrace the art form and discourage tagging. Fearo153 understands the debate and tries to clarify the difference between tagging and street art. Thanks One, the west coast graffiti chopper, works to encourage more public places to paint. Swannist volunteers with Venice Art Walls.

Black Light King wears a mask, adding to his mystique. His work invokes a latin influence. He says the exhibit is about exposure to the masses.

If you want to see it, you better go soon. This stunning two story tall murals will soon be gone.

The graffiti all goes away after August 29th. The walls will be painted over. The artists say that's the nature of street art. Fearo153 laughs and says "take a picture."

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