Starbucks in Studio City takes away seating due to 'safety concerns' in area

The Starbucks located on Ventura Boulevard and Vineland Avenue in Studio City has taken away customer seating due to "safety concerns." 

The location now has a sign posted at the front door saying: 

"Seating is temporarily unavailable at this location. Due to safety concerns for our customers and partners, we have removed seating temporarily at this location. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused during your visit to our store." 

LA City Councilmember, Nithya Raman, who oversees that district, spoke about the issue on the FOX 11 News at 6. 

"I have so much empathy for those baristas. That was my first job, a barista at Starbucks and I understand what it's like to deal with customers who are unruly or hard to handle. I have so much empathy for their situation. This is why I am laser focused on ending homelessness. We have to address it encampment by encampment near that particular Starbucks," she said. 

Raman was asked if she would visit that Starbucks location to meet with employees, and she said she would. 

"Absolutely and we do that kind of outreach every single day. We have a strong outreach program. We're connecting people who are in those businesses to the kind of supportive services they need," said Raman. 

A Starbucks spokesperson also released the following statement: 

"We take pride in creating a safe, warm, and welcoming Third Place environment – it’s core to who we are as a company. Our local leaders are, and have always been, empowered to use the many resources at their disposal to modify store operations and create the best experience for our communities.

Our first priority is to make sure our partners are safe at work. We will continue to work to make sure that partners can focus on crafting exquisite beverages and creating connections in a safe, warm, and welcoming environment."