South LA tenants burglarized while apartments being fumigated

Tenants living in a South LA apartment building are revolting after a mass burglary. At least 25 people were robbed while their apartments were being fumigated.

The neat row of two story apartment buildings on South Vermont were to be fumigated, and residents had to leave.

They got some money for a motel, a little extra cash. Fine. What was not fine was the fact that dozens of apartments were burglarized while they were out.

Windows removed, screens cut, doors pushed in, units trashed.

Then, while people were trying to deal with that, a bit of a ''tenants revolt'' as one man described it, because those who lived in the last two buildings to be tented and gassed refused to leave this afternoon.

The fumigation company decided to pack up and move out, temporarily, only to return and restart their work when residents were assured of 24 hour security on the entire property.

Apparently, according to one victim, they only had one security guard over the past few days when the tents were up and the burglaries apparently went down, and I was told he left at 3 a.m., and the burglaries were after that.

Police tell me those big tents are an obvious target, for organized thieves with the proper protective equipment.

These guys were caught on security camera, four of them, in communication with each other, hard to ID because of the gear they were wearing.