South LA Pursuit: Why Did People Go Outside To Watch?

From Hal Eisner:

Shieka Crumby, like others said "We saw the helicopters and we just wanted to be nosey."

But, others like Monae Lloyd said they wanted to make sure the suspect was okay and, by taking video they could "make sure he didn't get shot because the police are known for shooting.. you know."

She was referring to recent highly publicized cases involving police being caught on video shooting suspects like what happened in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Others said it was just exciting to be out where so much was going on.

See the video story for more.

The chase began about 1:25 p.m. in the 4000 block of Cimarron Avenue and ended at 3:25 at the intersection of 103rd and Alameda streets, when a police SUV executed a PIT maneuver that sent the Prius into a spin before it was pinned by three police SUVs.

As the suspect wound through South Los Angeles, Inglewood, Hawthorne and unincorporated county areas, he slowed at times and appeared to hand money to at least two bystanders.

Some onlookers cheered and captured images of the Bell Cab and the suspect on their cell phones.

At one point, the suspect drove around a rail gate but did a U-turn when a passing Metro train came to a halt, blocking his way.

After being pinned down and forced to stop, the suspect -- who was not immediately identified -- climbed out a window and was taken into custody without incident by Los Angeles police.