Shocking discovery after police say teen skipped out of bill

When a young couple skipped out on their $18 Waffle House meal, Coweta County deputies found them at a nearby motel near the Moreland exit off of Interstate 85.

Deputy body cam video showed 17-year-old Cassie Lee Callaway answer the door and hold up a wad of cash and offer to pay the bill. But Waffle House wanted to prosecute, so the couple was taken into custody.

Deputies made a disturbing discovery; the 22-year-old man with Calloway had been shot and had a terrible wound to his abdomen.

"He had a bandage on his side," said Col. James Yarbrough of the Coweta County Sheriff's Office. "He had apparently been in a drug deal in the Atlanta area that went bad and the injury was leaking."

Deputies said they discovered a pill bottle in Cassie Lee Callaway's pocket. They said it was it was unprescribed Xanax. They say they also found a small amount of marijuana.

Callaway was charged with possession of narcotics. And at the jail she allegedly threatened to blow the place up and destroyed a jail telephone. She was charged for that too.

Deputies released the young man and offered to take him to the hospital. There was great concern for the condition off the young man's wound.

"It can be very serious if he is not getting it taken care of. Infection can set in and it can turn the wrong way for him," Yarbrough said.

The man refused medical treatment and was taken back to the hotel.