Sext Now and it Can Matter Later!

It has been in the works for a long time. We are talking about a coordinated LAUSD program aimed at educating teens in middle and high school about the responsibilities of being good online citizens. But, more than that, the program aims to help young people understand the dangers of sexting.

It is called "Now Matters Later," includes videos and class lectures. It is exactly what the name implies and focuses on the consequences of actions like sending naked pictures and sexual content into the internet.

LAUSD Police Chief Steven Zipperman says, "when kids are trying to apply for a college or university they (colleges) have people now that specifically look at social media to try and see if this particular candidate has anything out there could be embarrassing to them."

The Chief says what students do online now can prevent someone from getting a job. It can lead to bullying through social media.

Another thing, according to law enforcement, naked pictures of minors could be child pornography.

In "Now Matters Later," teens are asked questions Like 'if you got a naked picture sent to you would you show it to friends or email it to others?' These are the kinds of questions aimed at sparking discussions in classrooms.

We independently asked students to look at the video and share their thoughts. Most thought the program was a good idea. One wasn't so sure it would make a difference.

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