Serial burglars target mom-and-pop LA pharmacies

LAPD officers are looking for a burglary crew believed to be responsible for at least seven break-ins at local pharmacies. 

There are at least six people involved, all wearing masks, gloves and hoodies. 

Police say the suspects saw down the gates, break down the doors, and dash for the same aisle, scanning for liquids. They’re after the highly-addictive promethazine-codeine cough syrup. However, none of these mom-and-pop pharmacies carry it…yet the criminals keep coming back. They've escaped with other medications, cash and even candy bars. 

The latest burglaries include Lorena Pharmacy in Boyle Heights, York Discount Pharmacy in Highland Park, and Normandy Pharmacy in East Hollywood.

The crew is believed to be responsible for at least seven break-ins since December. 

They always include family-friendly pharmacies…in the middle of the night…and for whatever reason, almost always on a Tuesday.

"It would’ve been completely different if we were here. If they were actually brazen enough to walk in and actually try to rob us while everyone was here that would’ve been a totally different story."

Luckily, the pharmacies were closed during all the early morning break-ins. Surveillance video also caught the suspects armed with guns.