Semi-trucks tossed on their sides as high winds blew through Highway 14 near Lancaster

Semi-trucks were tossed around and turned on their sides as high winds blew through Highway 14 near Lancaster on Tuesday morning.

California Highway Patrol said at least seven trucks and trailers were affected.

"It's a pretty bad experience because you are going all over the road back and forth," semi-truck driver Martin Ramos described.

After hearing about what happened, Ramos decided to pull off the highway and wait out the storm.

CHP closed the northbound side at Avenue D through Mojave so crews could clear the overturned trucks.

"This is just a fluid situation," Officer Gill Hernandez said. "It's one of those things we have to rely on what nature is brining us right now."

Officers diverted traffic away from the area, but some drivers were confused about how to get around the closure.

The Hawkins family and others who pulled over in a long stretch of cars were on their way to Mammoth for the holidays.

"We want to get up there and set up our Christmas tree," Kimberly Hawkins said.

"We've been waiting about 20 minutes trying to get to Mammoth, we have no clue what's going on or how much longer it will be," another driver said.

CHP also warned about blowing dust decreasing visibility for drivers.

Officers said drivers needed to slow down in brown out conditions.

"If you feel that your vehicle is being tossed around or pushed from side to side, slow down," Hernandez said.

CHP reopened the road to all trucks and vehicles around 4 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon.