Scare in the air; Mesa man uses drone for Halloween

It may be hard to believe, but we're just a few weeks from Halloween. And while those little ghosts and goblins are going door to door trick or treating, they might want to keep an eye out in the skies above. That's because one valley drone expert has a special surprise for them.

D.J. Vegh has been building and testing drones for several years, but he says a drone video from 2012 is gaining so much attention that he's bringing his flying skeleton back this year.

"So it's going to be pretty cool because I'm going to face the camera straight down. You'll be able to see the skeleton, and see the children being scared which will be pretty interesting," said D.J. Vegh.

This time around he's turning the scare factor up a bit.

"We decided we're going to do an updated version of that video with a 5-foot tall plastic skeleton that we've put LED lights in and fly that around on Halloween night," he said.

A flying Skeleton will be hovering over a Mesa neighborhood. Vegh says his love for drones comes as little surprise to those who live nearby because they're used to seeing this sort of thing.

"Because they would stop and stare, and they would realize oh it's the drone guy in the neighborhood, he's done something crazy again he's attached a ghost to his drone," said Vegh.

So come Halloween night, when kids hit the streets for a little trick or treating, they might just find some scare in the air.

Vegh is an experienced drone flying; he says the skeleton will be attached by velcro, so if anyone tries to pull on it, it will quickly come off without the drone coming down with it.