Scam alert: iPhone users warned not to answer calls from Apple support unless they requested them

Apple iPhone users beware: Sophisticated phishing scams are pretending to be part of Apple’s support team to get iCloud information.

The calls are the typical phishing scam, similar to what you may get in your emails, where someone asks for your login information or other credentials to access your iCloud account, according to Forbes.

But these calls have been a little more successful because the scammers use sophisticated caller-ID spoofing technology to impersonate an Apple Support number, which includes displaying the trusted logo on your phone.

By displaying that trusted logo and the typical number used from the support service, more people tend to fall for the scam.

Typically, the scammer tells the iPhone user that their Apple iCloud account has been compromised, hacked, or has shown suspicious activity on it. The scammer will then ask for login or password information to access your account, according to Forbes.

Concerned iPhone users have tweeted at Apple’s official support account on Twitter about their accounts being compromised following the scam calls. Apple responds by telling people to avoid phishing scams by leading them to a full list of details on its support website.

Apple notes to contact its real support team if a user ever receives an unsolicited call from someone claiming to be part of the company. Real support team members do not ask for an Apple ID, password, iCloud information or verification codes to provide help.