San Diego Zoo welcomes 3 adorable wallaby joeys

The San Diego Zoo just welcomed three little red-necked wallaby joeys into the park's nursery.

The zoo says the three babies range in age from five-to-six-months-old and have to be hand-raised until they can join the zoo's mob of wallabies. "These wallaby joeys are mostly nocturnal and spend much of their day in their pouches, where they are most comfortable," stated Kimberly Millspaugh, senior keeper, San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Millspaugh says they come out for playtime and bottle-feedings. They are aware of each other and like to touch noses, Millspaugh said.

The wallaby joeys eat solid food along with special marsupial formula, which they'll be bottle-fed with for a few more months.

Wallabies, which are members of the kangaroo family, are on the threatened species list.

The zoo's goal is to help bring species back from the brink of extinction.

Guests can visit the wallaby joeys at the Animal Care Center at Nairobi Station at the zoo. They will eventually join the other red-necked wallabies and gray kangaroos at the zoo's new exhibit, "Walkabout Australia."