'Stop shooting her': New video shows kidnapped teen was shot by California deputies

Newly-released video from a shootout in San Bernardino County two years ago offers new details about the death of a 15-year-old Fontana girl after she was abducted by her father and later shot and killed by deputies.

Savannah Graziano was abducted by her father, Anthony Graziano, on Sept. 26, 2022, after he allegedly shot and killed the girl's mother, Tracy Martinez, in Fontana. 

One day later, the girl and her father were both dead, after Anthony Graziano led deputies on a high-speed chase through the desert. That chase ended with a shootout. 

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New video from the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department shows the scene from the department's helicopter above. In the video, Savannah is seen running from the passenger's side of the car, at a deputy's instructions. One deputy is heard telling Savannah to "come to me." As she makes her way toward the deputy, crouched, she's shot and killed.

In another audio clip, the deputy screams, "Hey, stop! Stop shooting her. He's in the car. Stop!"

Anthony Graziano was found in the driver's seat of the truck and pronounced dead at the scene.

For Fontana neighbors who knew Savannah, the new video brings back haunting memories, especially when San Bernardino County Sheriff Shannon Dicus at the time said that "based on the information, evidence suggests that Savannah Graziano was a participant in shooting at our deputies."

 "She was on her knees. What could she do," asked neighbor Mary. "In the beginning, they said she was running towards them. She was down on the ground… I got really pissed when I saw it last night, when they showed her crawling on the ground. That's not what I was told."

Other residents who spoke with FOX 11's Christina Gonzalez said they're still livid about the incident, saying the new video confirms what they knew — that Savannah was not a threat. They said they think it's sad it took so long for the video to come out, but hope it helps to train other departments on how to deal with these situations.

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FOX 11 also spoke with Savannah's surviving family members. They said they're trying to shield her younger brother from the news.

The California Department of Justice is still investigating the shooting.

Dicus released a statement Tuesday night, that said, in part:

"The DOJ investigation is ongoing, and we are unable to release further details of the investigation. As part of this investigation, the DOJ requested materials and evidence from the Department. In April 2023 the Department encountered a ransomware attack that delayed providing DOJ the requested information. As of March 29, 2024, all the requested information has been provided.

"My hope is that this video will be watched in its entirety and provide insight into the unfortunate events that unfolded that day. There has been speculation and misrepresentations about this case, and I would ask the public to allow the DOJ to complete its independent investigation before reaching a conclusion."