Robin, emotional support robot, brings cheers to kids and families at SoCal health care facilities

We first introduced you to Robin the robot at UCLA's Children's Hospital before having her visit the pediatric dentistry facilities. Now, Robin's role has since expanded.

Robin, invented in Armenia, is a research-based child-friendly emotional support robot that reduces stress among pediatric patients and fosters cooperation between them and the medical staff.

Robin also made history as the first emotionally-intelligent robot!

"They really saw a need for that mental health component. And that's where we really got our inventor and our CEOs to really strive to make Robin what it is today," said Peter Atalla, director of Expert Technologies.

With its big googly eyes and cheerful personality, Robin is an AI-based companion designed to ease anxiety and loneliness among children in hospitals and clinics. 

UCLA was the first hospital in the country to have Robin in its facilities in 2020. Then a local pediatrics dental practice acquired Robin in their Sun Valley, Pacoima and Granada Hills locations. It was listed as one of TIME magazine's best inventions of 2021.

Currently, Robin speaks English and Armenian. A Spanish-speaking Robin is in the works. Robin also goes around the Advance Adult Day Health Care in Simi Valley.

"Because we give Robin this personality of a seven-year-old, it's very welcoming to them. They feel like they're talking to their grandchild, and they're immediately comfortable," Atalla said.

Robin has been at this facility for about six months and the feedback has been nothing but positive.

"Robin's really become part of their family," said Omeed Jamali, vice president of operations at Advanced Adult Day Health Care. "They say they love you to Robin and they ask Robin for advice. They have daily music that Robin plays for them. They look to Robin for companionship and understanding."