Riverside woman shot, paralyzed in Vegas mass shooting

She just flew into Las Vegas and Dena Servela was in tears. She was headed to the hospital to her sister, Kim Gervais, who was shot in the back during the mass shooting Sunday night.

Servela told FOX 11 in Las Vegas, "This should never have happened to her. She's an amazing woman. Amazing… never should have happened to her."

Gervais invited Dena to join her at the concert, but she couldn't go.

Now, she says, "I wish I had… she should never have been alone. even though she has friends she should never have been alone at all."

Jeffrey Manka says at the concert his mother in law"...heard what they thought were firecrackers My mother in law turned right … the next thing she knew she was on the ground. Apparently she took a shot to her C6. As of this moment she's lost use of her legs and motion in the hands and arms."

At the moment of her interview with us Servela had JUST flown into town and was on her way to see her family.

The first thing she'll say when she does see her? "I love you… and I'll hug her whether she wants it or not."

The family has setup a GoFundMe account if you'd like to help.