Rite Aid robber uses young kid's backpack to steal candy, police say

A Rite-Aid robbery is getting a lot of attention, not because of how much was allegedly stolen.

But because of how old police say the robber's sidekick is.

It was all caught on camera: the robber and a child walking into a Glendale Rite-Aid last Thursday evening.

The man reaches for the liquor bottle, breaking the security device with his bare hands, slipping it in into his shorts - all while the kid watches.

Then, from tequila ...to treats.

They hit the candy aisle.

Police saying the man used the kid to help cover up his crime, stuffing candy into his backpack.

"I think it's kinda messed up - cause it's like, you're with a little kid. So it's like why would you teach him to do that stuff?" said Rite-Aid shopper Daryn McNair,

Less than five minutes later, both walking out of the North Pacific Avenue store...appearing on video to be empty handed.

Rite-Aid customers were disturbed seeing a child was involved.

Police witnesses describing the kid as around 10-years-old.

"It's wrong for them to be doing that in front of someone that is that young and be showing them that stealing is a whatever thing," said Rite Aid Shopper Akalah Jones.

Police describe the man as either white or Hispanic in his 30s, with tattoos on his left arm and hand, between 5''3 and 5''6.

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