Rise of Redlands residential burglaries allegedly tied to South American Theft Groups: officials

The Redlands Police Department warned residents to remain vigilant due to a recent rise in residential burglaries in the city over the past two weeks, and investigators believe the crimes could be connected to South American Theft Groups (SATGs). Detectives suspect the crew has committed hundreds of burglaries across Southern California.

As part of the investigation, the department released videos of three of the incidents in the Inland Empire city. 

Redlands PD officials said several residents have been targeted by burglars between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Many of those hit reside in homes with back entries to open lots, trails, beltways, and hillsides. As a result, investigators said the perpetrators have entered the homes through back doors and that the victims have either had their windows smashed or doors kicked in.

Authorities added the burglars have "lookouts" parked near the targeted homes and operate with at least two people.

A Ring camera captured a burglary in Redlands. The area is seeing a recent spike in residential burglaries, officials said.

"It should be noted that these suspects may try to blend in, often wearing construction vests, backpacks, face coverings, and/or carrying construction equipment," the department said in a press release.

Redlands PD asked residents who see any suspicious activity to say something. Witnesses or those with information are encouraged to call 909-798-7681.