Rescued dolphin predicts LA Lakers to win NBA Finals

For the first time in 10 years the Los Angeles Lakers are in the NBA Finals.

They face off against Miami Heat. So the big question is who will win?

A dolphin at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida might have the answer… and that is the Lakers. 

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Nicholas, the rescued dolphin, is known for predicting sporting events. On Wednesday, the same day both teams hit the court for game 1, Nicholas made his winning prediction for the NBA championship. 

During a Facebook livestream, Nicholas swam towards two basketballs, one labeled Lakers and the other labeled Heat, he then chose the LA Lakers to win this year’s championship.  

The aquarium says since 2017, Nicholas has made nine correct predictions out of 16. 

Nicholas is a rescued bottlenose dolphin that was found stranded with severe sunburns.

Aquarium official say he was orphaned and unable to learn necessary survival skills as a calf, and therefore became a permanent resident at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. They say making sports predictions is just one of his many talents.