Ranch Pop-Tarts: Kellogg's won't release flavor even though everyone's asking for it

Sure, Pop-Tarts has a ton of wacky flavors, so it should come as no surprise that fans of the pastry suggested the company come out with a Hidden Valley Ranch flavor.

Twitter user Kyle Heroff posted a photo saying, "People say you can put ranch on anything…"

Just because you can put ranch on anything does not mean you should, but Hidden Valley Ranch didn't seem to think so.

The condiment company seemed to love the idea of a collaboration, asking Pop-Tarts to "give the people what they want."

The more sensible toaster pastry company quickly shot down the idea, responding on Twitter saying, "lol no."

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The possibility of a ranch-flavored Pop-Tart was squashed again after another Twitter user tweeted at the company saying, "make it happen chief," to which Pop-Tarts replied, "delete your account, chief."

The photo was originally posted by the Instagram account @poptartaday, a parody account with more than 56,000 followers that creates made-up and unorthodox flavors of Pop-Tarts, like Monster Energy flavor and garlic bread.

The person who runs the account said, "I always get excited when either Pop-Tarts or another brand (like Hidden Valley) interact with anything I make."

As far as a possible collaboration with Pop-Tarts, the Instagram account said "No word yet. I've always wanted to do a collab with Pop Tarts, and I'm definitely available to do something with HV."

This isn't the first time Pop-Tarts has responded to one of poptartaday's eccentric creations.

In March, the company responded to a tweet regarding a photo of a water flavored pop tart saying, "you have some explaining to do."

The pastry company responded, "This tweet serves to inform you that I am not interested in receiving any more questions about this product. Please use your common sense ok thank you have a great day."

So unfortunately for all ranch lovers, and fans of any other far-out flavors out there, you won't be seeing a ranch flavored Pop-Tart any time soon.