Puppy stolen during violent encounter in Bell Gardens returned to family

A puppy that was stolen from a Bell Gardens pet store is back home and the juvenile responsible for the violent robbery is behind bars. 

Jesse Robles is the son of Rosa Muñoz, the woman who was seen on video fighting with the dognapper. Muñoz was trying to rescue a 6-week-old puppy who was stolen moments ago from her store Planet Pet Shop. 

The dognapper got away, but a few days later the puppy was left nearby in a shoebox. A passerby noticed the box and found the puppy inside. 

"They told me that was my dog outside and when I went to check the shoebox, it was," Robles said. 

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Unfortunately, the puppy was sick before he was stolen and going four days without his special food and medicine, left him in bad shape. 

"It was really skinny, it was hanging on for dear life." 

The puppy, named Baby Moon, belongs to Robles' sister who took possession of the dog a week before he was dognaped. 

Muñoz suffered a broken hand from the violent encounter with the juvenile suspect. Police also believe the woman, who was casually walking in the video, might also be involved in the crime. 

"We had footage from the corner and you can see them running together, so we didn’t know that until yesterday. Now it all makes sense, how come she didn’t help? She was part of it," Robles added.