Protesters kneel in protest on Trump's Hollywood star

A small group of anti fascism protesters kneeled on President Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star on Monday afternoon to show solidarity with NFL players.

Michelle Xai, an organizer with, told FOX 11 that the protest was held to send a message to the President.

"We don't have a Trump Tower here so we got the Trump star, this is a message to Trump that we're not gonna sit back and normalize all of this white supremacy that is coming out of the White House," she said. "We're here because we have [NFL player's] backs and this is perfectly protected freedom of speech that these people are expressing and he's calling for them to be fired."

The protest caught the attention of passerby's along Hollywood Blvd. Some joined in and raised their fists, others shook their heads with disapproval and kept walking.

"I think it's a pretty big deal to call it fascism, I do think that Donald Trump does need to go but I also think he's the greatest president we ever had," said Lucky Meech. "Because look at this, look at all of America, all of these things that Donald Trump is making apparent to everyone have always been problems, so if it would've been Hillary Clinton, what would've happened? None of this, so this is the biggest blessing I've ever seen, hopefully he gets impeached, but if he doesn't, so be it."

"In any other profession, if you speak like that you get fired, you know what I'm saying," said Dylan Brown. "I respect and support everybody's opinion and that they're out here for a good cause and stuff, I just feel like we should all be coming together."

"I think it's peoples decision to do what they wanna do, I mean if you feel like America is not representing you well and you don't wanna sing that national anthem you should not have to and you can't force someone to say it," said one man. "I think it's just absurd for the President to call someone sons of bitches, the President of the United States said sons of bitches if that was Obama he would've been crucified."

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