Presidential candidates left off Woodland Hills' man mail-in ballot

For 53-year-old David Goldenberg of Woodland Hills, voting is a right and a privilege.

So, four weeks before the election he looked over his mail-in ballot and sought to explain the voting process to his school-aged children.

But during the political primer, the businessman discovered a huge mistake. The ability to vote for U.S. President had been left off his ballot.

As we sat in front of his Woodland Hills home he expressed dismay at such a huge error.

David wasn't the only one in the family with a faulty ballot. Ballots for his wife, his parents and her parents also had the omission.

In place of the candidates for president was a white paper that read, "This page intentionally left blank."

Goldenberg's face read anything but blank. His reaction was one of surprise, frustration, and concern.  

Turns out it wasn't just the extended Goldenberg Family with this problem. Most of David's neighbors were in this situation too. Their ballots had the very same printing error.

The LA County Registrars Office declined to talk to FOX 11, but made this statement:

"While this has impacted a very small number of LA County voters -- we believe the faulty ballots were mailed to a single precinct of just over 2,100 voters;  a total of more than 5.6 million registered voters in the county. We nevertheless apologize to those affected by the mistake."

Goldenberg was told a replacement ballot was urgently on the way. He's hoping it arrives by Thursday. He says his plan was always to vote in person. It's a tradition of which he's fond.

But for his elderly parents and in-laws, the setback would have been terrible.

Because of COVID-19, their only plan was to mail in their ballots. If the error had gone unnoticed, they may not have been able to cast their vote for U.S. President.

All this,  in one of the most hotly contested and watched races in U.S. history.