Popeyes to hire hundreds of extra employees to handle possible November return of wildly popular chicken sandwich

The coveted Popeyes Chicken Sandwich may be returning soon and the fried chicken chain will reportedly hire 400 additional employees to handle the demand.

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In August, the simple sandwich was added to the menu and within two weeks it was sold out. People waited hours in line to get a taste of the sandwich.

As the chain prepares for another possibly insane relaunch, the additional employees will be hired to meet it, according to a Bloomberg report. The chain may also put two people at each store in charge of making the sandwiches.

The CEO of Sun Holdings Inc., which operates more than 100 Popeyes locations around the country, said the sandwich should return in November, according to Bloomberg. But the article also stated that Restaurant Brands, Popeyes’ parent company, did not confirm a return date.

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The sandwich caused a frenzy during its two-week stint. After it sold out, some customers allegedly pulled out a gun at one restaurant, demanding the menu item, and one man sued because he wasn’t able to taste one.