Poorly painted traffic lines at Ladera Heights intersection invite chaos

A Ladera Heights intersection is being criticized for potentially steering drivers into a collision course.

The lines at the intersection of La Brea Avenue and Stocker Street were recently painted and some drivers say not only are they confusing, but they lead cars into narrow collisions with each other. Locals say it's always been a nightmare intersection with crashes, but the repainted lines make it even worse.

"Cars are going every which way. They're not supposed to turn, they still turn. There's a lot of rear-ending, a lot of cars that get in accidents, and then they pull up into the parking lot and ask us to help them," said Gail Porter, owner of the Summit Nail Bar business nearby.

Some drivers don't see an issue telling FOX 11 that they don't think it's complicated, and think it's much safer this way.

A Reddit user with the account name "Picho Junior" posted:

"I was part of the crew that went and put this mess in. This was one of the craziest mark out jobs I’ve ever been apart of. It was just as much of a headache to try and put this in. Judging from the feed back we’re getting, engineers will most likely scratch this and have to re do it."

And for the people who try to navigate this intersection every day, a do-over is exactly what they're calling for.

"I think something needs to be done and I'm glad it's being brought out to the public because this is a crazy intersection," said Porter.

To add to the confusion, this intersection seems to fall right on the border of L.A. City and L.A. County jurisdiction, so it's unclear who repainted the lines. When FOX 11 reached out to both of them on Tuesday, they didn't know who was responsible for the area, but both, the city and county, say they will look into this "hot mess."