Pomona family's dog allegedly shot dead by neighbor

A family in Pomona is mourning the loss of their dog after they say it was shot dead by a neighbor over the weekend. 

The family say K9, their eight-year-old lab mix, was shot dead Sunday. The family had just moved into the Pomona neighborhood two weeks ago. 

They say K9 was chasing a squirrel around 1 p.m., and followed the animal into the neighbor's yard. That's when neighbor came out of the house and shot the dog three times. Marlon Caballero said he begged the neighbor to let him retrieve the dog in an effort to save him, but the neighbor refused.

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"I'm pleading with the neighbor, ‘Hey, please give me my dog, let me have my dog. I can save him if you give me my dog,'" Caballero said.

He went back into the house to call 911, but not before he heard even more gunshots. 

"He goes to the back of his yard and basically unloads another at least six rounds from the revolver that I saw that he had. And from right there it just broke my heart. Just how could somebody do that to [a] dog."

The family got police involved, and have filed a restraining order against the neighbor. The neighbor is facing charges of animal cruelty and discharging a firearm in a public area. He's due in court next month.

"I bought this property solely for my doggy, to run around freely. For this to happen it's unimaginable."