Poll: Brunch is moms' favorite on Mother's Day

Let there be brunch.

A new poll from TripAdvisor reveals that moms' favorite dining experience on Mother's Day is going out to brunch.

The poll surveyed 7,951 TripAdvisor users between March 8-12 about Mother's Day dining preferences and found that 30 percent of mothers selected brunch as their top choice to celebrate Mother's Day. Home-cooked meals came in second place with 24 percent of the votes and going out to dinner ranked third, with only 17 percent of the votes.

Think you know exactly what mom wants? The poll results suggest maybe you should double-check.

Only 16 percent of moms said that they were taken out to brunch last year despite the fact that 30 percent of them prefer it over other dining options on Mother's Day.

While 70 percent of family members polled said they can anticipate their mom's preferences for Mother's Day dining "extremely" or "very" well, the results from moms told a different story -- only 46 percent of them agreed.

Most moms aren't choosy when it comes to where to eat, the poll also revealed. The majority of them said they prefer everyday dining to fine dining.

In honor of all the brunch-loving moms out there, here's a list of the best cities to brunch in, which each had at least two restaurants make it onto TripAdvisor's list of 'Great Brunch Spots for Mom This Mother's Day" or OpenTable's list of "100 Best Brunch Restaurants in America for 2019," as well as all the restaurants that made either list in each city.

Both TripAdvisor and OpenTable considered a variety of data points, like number of reviews, average review score, and regional overall ratings when creating their lists, so you can be certain these spots are tried-and-true and sure to impress this Mother's Day.