Police K9, Handler Save Life of Missing Woman

Conyers Police credit the work of one of their officers and her K9 partner in saving the life on an elderly woman early Tuesday morning.

The incident began late Monday night, when Rockdale Healthcare located at 1510 Renaissance Drive reported the woman missing.

Staff members, Conyers Police officers and Rockdale County deputies searched the area with no success.

K9 Officer Eddie and his handler, Officer Myra Scruggs, got to the scene early Tuesday morning. According to a news release, the dog picked up a track and led Office Scruggs to two other Conyers officers involved in the search.

Officer Scruggs had Eddie start over back at the facility.

Searching the property, Eddie stopped and turned his head to listen before dragging his handler into the wood line where Officer Scruggs heard a quiet moaning. She then released Eddie who ran straight to the 83-year-old woman and began to bark.

"She was on the ground, was unable to get up, freezing cold, covered in mud, soaking wet," said Officer Scruggs.

The woman was on the ground very confused and unable to tell rescuers how she ended up there.

"Thank goodness for K9 hearing because I would not have ever heard her," Scruggs said. "The coolest thing about Eddie is once I put his tracking harness on, he knows what we are about to do. No commands need to be given."

Eddie is a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois who joined the Conyers Police force last December. His official job description is Narcotic Detection and Tracking.

K9 Eddie's tracking efforts are specifically used for lost children, Alzheimer's patients and anyone considered at risk. Due to Eddie's personable disposition, Conyers Police later added this type of tracking to his training.

Officer Scruggs said, "The entire squad worked diligently to try to find her. I'm just glad it ended well."

A fellow K9 handler shared a treat with Eddie for a job well done.

"When I got back to the car, he told me he had fed Eddie his steak dinner for the night. So, yes, Eddie was very pleased," she said, smiling.