Police Go Above and Beyond for Children

The night before last, our officers had a chance to meet this sweet little girl. Unfortunately it wasn't under the best...

Oklahoma (WTXF) The Oklahoma Police Department shared a photo of their officers spreading holiday cheer.

Police say on Wednesday night Officers Cook and Vernier had the chance to meet a sweet little girl; however, it wasn't under the best circumstances. According to police, the girl's mother was arrested for DUI and child endangerment.

In the photo posted to Facebook, police say, the girl told the officers that she and her 7-year-old brother were hungry because they didn't eat that day. The girl was in tears because they thought they would be taken away. After police asked the children their dates of births, the girl said that they didn't get any presents this year because her mommy had no money and her daddy was in jail, police said.

So the officers took the kids to Walmart and bought them both presents (out of their own pockets). They also got them some food to eat before taking the kids to the shelter.

See the heartwarming photo above.